April 23, 2024

Annual MBA Scholarship for International Students 2022/2023 -Apply Now

If you are actually looking for an MBA scholarship for international students (Masters in Business Administration), there are actually a couple of scholarship programs that you can apply for.

Below, we will be putting out a list of MBA scholarships for international students by application closing dates. Some of these scholarships are meant for MBA degrees only, however, they are some that are more general but also include MBA as an eligible course of study for candidates. These scholarship programs are offered by scholarship foundations and/or universities/colleges and business schools.

Some of these scholarships will require that you start preparing early enough to so that you will be able to actually provide all the required documents. However, there are scholarships that you can easily apply for within a few days or at most weeks.

Let’s go through a list of scholarships that you can take advantage of, which will help you take your career to the next level.

List of Annual MBA Scholarship for International Students

  1. TY Danjuma MBA Scholarship for African Students to Study in Leading Business School

This scholarship was launched in 2011; this scholarship aims at helping up to 8 students per year. till date, this scholarship has been awarded to 46 students from the following countries; Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Togo, etc.

The TY Danjuma MBA Scholarship for International Students is a scheme that helps in supporting and providing financial support to post-graduate African students that have been accepted into an MBA program at a top-level leading business school in the world.

The application deadline for this scholarship is on 30th of June 2022

Eligible Countries: African countries.

All successful African MBA applicants that have applied to the top-ranking business schools are very much eligible for this scholarship regardless of domicile. This scholarship is usually awarded to all successful candidates prior to the usual annual intake for the business school.

Number of Awards: 8

Value of Award: This scholarship is actually intended to provide additional financial support that will help in bridging some of the financial burdens that is attached to actually taking on MBA programs; it will not actually be enough to act as the primary source of funding for this scholarship program.

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Duration of Award: The duration of MBA program.

How to apply: All candidates that are actually eligible should send an email to mba@tyd-fo.co.uk and the following should be attached to the information between 1ST June and 30th of June 2022. The following should be attached:

  • Full Name
  • Nationality
  • Full contact details
  • Name of the business school where you have been admitted into their MBA program
  • Year of enrolment at the business school
  • Copy of offer letter from the business school
  • Copy of your CV
  • Copy of your own budget and the funding shortfall (this should include all confirmatory letters for all scholarships and loans)

Keep in mind that, this scholarship is actually to help support African students by helping in providing additional funding aid; it will not be enough to act as the primary source of funding for the MBA.

  1. Stockholm School of Economics MBA Scholarship for International Students 2021/2022

You can actually nominate either yourself or your friends for this scholarship. The Stockholm School of Economics MBA Scholarship is actually worth 465,000 kr.

  • Application Deadline: 26th of June 2022
  • Offered Annually: Yes
  • Eligible Countries: All countries
  • Country of MBA: Sweden

This MBA scholarship is usually granted to one Swedish or international student and it usually covers the entire cost of the Executive MBA program from the Stockholm School of Economics. This scholarship is co-sponsored by utbildnig.se, Dagen’s industry, and the Stockholm School of Economics.

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for this scholarship, applicants will be required to have at least a three-year academic degree and at least five years of relevant work-life experience.

The candidate needs to be proficient when it comes to the English language.

For applicant to be eligible for this program, they must:

  • They must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • They mustn’t be holding an MBA degree already.
  • Applicant must be at least 25 years and above
  • They mustn’t have been in Sweden since more than one year at the very beginning of the scholarship.
  • They must be in command of the necessary language skills that is required for the masters of Business Administration program.
  • They must move to Sweden during this scholarship period.
  • Number of Awardees: 1
  • Value of Scholarship: $55, 000
  • Duration of Scholarship: 18 Month

How to Apply: Applicants that want to apply for this scholarship, should visit: http://www.utbildning.se/inspiration/guider/allt-om-mba/mba-stipendiet-2019-13571 and by submitting your contact details, your academic background and work-life experience. As well as a letter of motivation (maximum 2500 characters) for why you should be awarded the scholarship.

Name of Award Provider: utbildning.se, Stockholm School of Education and Dagens industry.

  1. INSEAD Olam MBA Scholarships 2021/2022 for Sub-Saharan African Students

Applications are actually on for INSEAD olam MBA scholarships for African students. Applicants will be judged based on the quality of their scholarship essays and the degree to which they actually meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Eligible Countries: Sub Saharan African Countries
  • Country to be Taken: France

Olam recognizes the need to actually foster leadership and governance in Sub Sahara Africa by providing support to aspiring and capable students to pursue higher education at the international center of excellence.

Through the INSEAD MBA scholarship and the Olam monitoring, they play a huge part in developing the required skills and knowledge in a highly talented select group of change agents, and in turn these students will then have the opportunity to contribute toward economic transformation and catalyze change in their community.

Eligibility: The INSEAD Olam International MBA Scholarship for change catalyst in the African market, and this candidate should be a candidate from Sub Saharan Africa regardless of their current country of residence.

Applicants must actually be committed to working in their home countries after the scholarship.

How to apply:  To have access to this scholarship, you have to visit their official site.

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